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  • YORcivil2 Construction Framework

We are appointed contractors on the YORcivil2 Framework, which covers projects ranging from £500k up to £4m.

We have been appointed on both sub-regional frameworks, the North and East region and the South and West region. Together these frameworks cover Yorkshire, as well as Derbyshire and Northern Lincolnshire. This framework replaces an earlier YORcivil partnering framework we were appointed to in 2011, which saw us deliver a number of projects over four years.

We have been appointed to the following Lots:

  • North and East: Lot 2 covering Civil Works from £500k up to £4m
  • South and West: Lot 3 and Lot 4 covering Civil Works from £500k up to £4m in South and West regions respectively

YORcivil2 is a construction framework for the procurement of civil engineering contractors to carry out construction works within the civic estate in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. The frameworks have been set up to deliver a wide range of civil engineering works, some building works and include for works by Contractor’s design, in the following sectors:

  • Local Authority
  • General public services
  • Public order and safety
  • Environment
  • Economic and financial affairs (e.g. Regeneration)
  • Health
  • Housing and community amenities
  • Social protection
  • Education
  • Recreation, culture & religion