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  • YORbuild2 Construction Framework

We have a place on Lot 3 of the YORbuild2 construction framework in the North, South, East and West regions, covering projects between £1-4 million.

YORbuild2 is a construction framework that has been developed to provide an efficient and collaborative approach to the procurement of construction projects. It can be accessed by local authorities, public sector bodies or third sector organisations across the Yorkshire and Humber region, Sheffield LEP area, North East England and Lincolnshire.

We are pleased to have launched YORbuild2 and look forward to working collaboratively with all the successful tenderers over the next 4 years. The previous YORbuild framework proved to be highly successful and we anticipate that the new framework will deliver even greater benefits to our clients through strong partnership working with contractors and a commitment to delivering social value.

Fergus Aitken, YORbuild2 Framework Programme Manager