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  • Sheffield 'Streets Ahead' Highways PFi Scheme

We have been awarded a 25 year contract with Amey who are contracted to Sheffield City Council to deliver a 25 year £2.5 billion highway improvement scheme, the Sheffield 'Streets Ahead' Highways PFi Scheme.

We are working in partnership with Amey on the Structures section of the Streets Ahead Highway PFi scheme, delivering schemes from £50k up to £1m. Since 2012, we have delivered a wide range of projects under the scheme.

Broomhead Bridge being assembled after being partly manufactured off-site
Broomhead Bridge being assembled after being partly manufactured off-site

Projects cover a range of structures, including:

  • Bridge strengthening schemes
  • Highway improvement schemes
  • Culvert repairs
  • Bridge waterproofing
  • Carriageway stabilisation
  • Retaining wall schemes
  • Concrete repair schemes

We have also developed a local employment and skills plan for the scheme which has had lasting benefits for the local community, including through work experience placements, school workshops and training delivered to the local workforce and subcontractors.

The Streets Ahead project is a great project for the city that is proven to not only bring benefits to our residents but also jobs to the city. The relationship with Henry Boot Construction, who has been based in Sheffield for over 125years, is a great demonstration of how the Streets Ahead project is working with existing large and small companies across the city.

Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for the Environment & Transport