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  • Rawmarsh Customer Services Centre

    A wide-range of vital community facilities, all in one place

Jointly funded by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Rotherham Primary Care NHS Trust, the facility consists of two sleek linked buildings and provide a an extensive range of services to the local community.

Throughout construction, we maintained close coordination with both principal stakeholders by holding regular meetings at every step of the way. With several environmentally-friendly features, the project achieved an 'Excellent' BREEAM rating and was shortlisted for Community Benefit at the RICS Pro Yorkshire Awards.

Henry Boot Construction coordinated the site work, successfully ensuring quality was maintained at all times and ensured that stakeholders were involved in design, quality and performance. The team established a good working relationship with both the client and their contractors.

Glen John-Lewis, Project Manager, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

  • £5m

    Project value

  • 57



  • Received a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating

In the year before works started, our site team worked closely with the community to ensure the building became a convenient centre that brought together all their important services. Local residents also created art features to display in the building.

New facilities include:

  • Doctor's surgery, treatment facilities and consulting rooms
  • A pharmacy
  • A customer service centre
  • Library
  • Café
  • Sports changing facilities for adjacent sports pitches.