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  • Procure Partnership Framework

We are part of two Procure Partnership frameworks, Procure Partnerships (National) framework and Procure North West Build framework.

Both cover public sector bodies and is open to NHS bodies, emergency services, universities, colleges, schools, local authorities, housing associations and registered charities.

Procure Partnerships (National) Framework

For more information visit the Procure Partnership website

We join 22 other contractors selected for a place on the new Procure Partnerships (National) Framework. Following on from our success on the Procure North West Framework, we have now secured a place on the Procure Partnerships National Framework covering the Yorkshire region in value lots £4m - £12m and £12m+.

The framework will cover public sector bodies across East England, North East, Yorkshire, East & West Midlands, London, South East & South West and Wales and is expected to run for four years.

We are excited to further develop our relationship with Henry Boot Construction across the Yorkshire region. As a contractor partner not only do they have demonstrable public sector experience but also a strong reputation for successfully delivering projects on time and to budget.

Robbie Blackhurst, Framework Director, Procure Partnerships Framework

Procure North West Build Framework

Procure North West launched the framework in February 2018 which covers public sector bodies across the northern region and we are one of eight contractors on Lot 1 of the framework.

Click to visit the Procure North West website for more information

The framework is expected to run until 2022 and will cover public sector bodies across the following regions:

  • Cheshire
  • Cumbria
  • Greater Manchester
  • Lancashire
  • Merseyside