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Yee-haw! Supporting Barnesville family fun day

Councillor Steve Green Mayor of Barnsley locked in "jail"
Councillor Steve Green Mayor of Barnsley locked in "jail"

We helped ensure Barnsley’s country-themed festival on Saturday 11 August was a great success with the local community, by providing a selection of item for the event.

Our Joiner Alan Senior handcrafted a special jail wall as a prop which provided a wealth of great photo opportunities. It even attracted the attention of the Councillor Steve Green, the Mayor of Barnsley, who had his photograph taken ‘in jail’. We also provided a range of cowboy hats, squaw feathers and handcuffs so children could dress up.

Barnesville was headlined by country bands ThrillBillies and The Country Chix and a range of themed activities were available during the day, such as a bucking bronco and tin can alley.

For ten days from 10–19 August, the town is hosting other live music events in Mandela Gardens. Find out what else is on for the rest of the week.