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Working with Procore and innDex to enhance our digital infrastructure

As part of our continuing drive towards digital and sustainable construction delivery, we have partnered with Procore and innDex to put in place innovative practices on The Cocoa Works project in York.

Procore is a global construction management platform, which offers a variety of solutions that simplify the day-to-day running of construction sites while innDex is a digital workforce management platform that allows us to track employee hours, commuting distances and breaks. It helps the business to monitor fatigue and ensure people are always in the right physical and mental condition to be on site.

The Cocoa Works – the landmark redevelopment of the iconic Rowntree Factory in York – is one of a number of our sites to assume Procore and innDex’s processes. As well as tackling climate change, establishing digital practices can help to cut project costs too.

Streamlined processes cut down the administrative time for our project teams
Our systems with Procore and InnDex are fully integrated

Phil Lambourne, Head of Design and Information Management, said: “We understand the carbon impact of the construction process itself and continue to put in place new innovations to enable the most sustainable end-to-end construction process possible. Adopting our new digital strategies on site has helped us to move towards more sustainable processes, but there is still a long way to go in this challenge.

Genuine sustainable development is not only about quality modern buildings with the latest sustainable technology but also about delivering a sustainable construction process. Working with Procore and innDex has allowed us to integrate various processes, such as inductions, time management, transport and asset management, creating a smooth communication channel between their two programmes and replacing the need for some paperwork, it’s allowed us to speed up our processes too.

Those on site quickly realised that briefings, progress reports, and raising observations through the innDex App were easy and efficient. Using tablets on our sites is now second nature, this means that things like digital inspections, photos and site diaries are all immediately available at the touch of a button. We put all the people at the heart of our operations and working alongside Procore and innDex has allowed us to do this even more effectively.”

Aaron Vousden, Director at innDex, said: “It’s a privilege to be working in partnership with Henry Boot and Procore on such a landmark project. Our collaborative approach has not only showcased the power of our seamless integration with Procore but also demonstrated Henry Boot’s commitment to a digital, sustainable future.

Being one of the first to adopt the innDex x Procore integrated solution, Henry Boot has been instrumental in steering the direction of the integration. At innDex, environmental consciousness is at the core of our values. Focused on building a sustainable industry, we prioritise sustainable practices in every solution we develop.

By using our integrated solution, we’re so proud to have witnessed a significant enhancement in sustainability practices on-site, with streamlined processes reducing environmental impact, promoting resource efficiency and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. This is just the beginning... We’re excited to see where this collaborative journey can take us!”