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Working collaboratively to introduce more greenery to Intake Primary School

We have recently spent time with N T Killingley Ltd, Urban Wilderness, MCE Decorators and Banner Plant at Intake Primary School in Sheffield, improving the landscaping and greenery in a bid to mitigate the air pollution from the neighbouring road.

The project was developed from the principles established at a previous project at Hunters Bar Infant School in Sheffield, not only attempting to counter the effects of pollution but also providing an attractive and stimulating backdrop for outside play and learning.

We worked closely with N T Killingley, Urban Wilderness, Banner Plant and MCE Decorators to deliver the project
The green wall provides an attractive and eco-friendly barrier between the school and the main road

Rob Bell, Site Agent who organised the works said: “It has been a pleasure to help Intake Primary School with their landscaping and we are delighted with the finished product. The project is a perfect example of collaboration between various parties to create valuable benefits for the local community. We must thank N T Killingley Ltd, Urban Wilderness, MCE Decorators and Banner Plant for their generosity in getting involved.”

After the delivery of materials by Banner Plant, N T Killingley Ltd got to work on Urban Wilderness’ considered design which composes a linear retained planting bed. This follows the school boundary and is filled with a mature ivy screen, specimen conifers and mixed planting, selected for their ability to absorb particulates whilst providing sensory and seasonal interest.

The bed is defined by stepped timber sleepers which provide protection and a seating edge. A raised sand pit has also been installed for the school, to provide another recreational area to enjoy.

Collaboration between a number of parties was key to the success
The plants to the green wall were selected for their ability to absorb particulates

MCE Decorators also kindly offered valuable support by spending two days at the school, preparing and painting the gates to the exterior of the school which had not been touched for years.

Matt Killingley from N T Killingley Ltd said: “It has been a real pleasure to work with Henry Boot and Urban Wilderness again on such a superb project. To be able to financially and practically support Intake Primary School in this is a win-win for everyone! We look forward to the fantastic planting maturing and its positive impact for the children over many years.”

Lynn Boreham, School Business Manager, Intake Primary School added: "It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Rob from Henry Boot and all the other parties involved in our Green Wall Project. The finished result is above and beyond our expectations and we can’t thank all who contributed to our installation enough. We are excited to see the impact on the pollution levels in the play area that the Green Wall will hopefully provide."

Intake School and particularly the school council really appreciate all the help and support to make our Green Wall a reality. Our children feel really strongly about pollution levels outside school and wanted to find ways to reduce this. Without the support of Henry Boot, Urban Wilderness, MCE Decorators, Banner Plant and N T Killingley, all organised by Carolynn McConnell from SBT it wouldn’t have been possible, thank you.

Lisa Reid, Headteacher, Intake Primary School