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What’s My Line? A High Storrs career event

Earlier this month, High Storrs School in Sheffield invited Henry Boot Construction to take part in a ‘What’s My Line’ style career event.

The event showcased different job roles to students. The idea came from the old TV Show, where celebrity guests would ask questions to members of the public to guess their job.

Trainee Business & Marketing Assistant Bradley Longford joined a number of other volunteers to see if Year 9 students could guess their job roles. With a wide variety of roles amongst the volunteers, the students were encouraged to ask a variety of questions to help them get an insight into each volunteer's job role.

Bradley surprised the students when they discovered Marketing was a role within construction. The event was a great success in expanding the students’ knowledge, giving them an insight into all the different career opportunities within the construction industry.

The ‘What’s My Line’ activity has been thoroughly enjoyed by the students and they found Bradley’s presentation excellent, he is a credit to Henry Boot.

Mark Fahidi, Careers Co-Ordinator, High Storrs School