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Volunteer project updates Sheffield Children’s Emergency Department

We were pleased to assist Sheffield Children’s Hospital with upgrading the Emergency Department waiting area, creating a clean, bright and welcoming environment for the 58,000 children who use the area every year.

Project Manager Ryan Spencer led the works, with subcontractor Altro kindly donating the vinyl flooring and hygienic cladding material, and Richardson Cladding and Fresco Flooring both offering to work at cost.

New flooring and wall panels have been added to freshen up the space and to help keep the area clean and hygienic. Old seating has been removed and replaced with colourful individual chairs, giving more flexibility to support social distancing and infection control. The result is a cleaner, brighter and more welcoming place for children and families to wait during an emergency.

The work carried out by Henry Boot totally free of charge has made a significant impact to the Emergency Department. Not only cosmetically, but it has also allowed us to overcome some of the barriers we face due to social distancing and to reduce infection risk for children and families waiting for treatment.

Dr Cath Rimmer, Emergency Department Consultant at Sheffield Children's Hospital

Ryan said: “It’s been a pleasure to part of a charitable project for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. We are so lucky to have this wonderful dedicated healthcare facility right in the heart of our city, which provides first class care for our children. I hope the updated waiting area benefits both staff and patients who use the hospital.”

While a longer-term project continues to raise funds for a complete expansion and transformation of the Emergency Department, this upgrade will benefit the families who attend in the meantime - normally the unit sees 58,000 children each year.