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Transforming Iveson Primary School

Iveson Primary School has undergone expansion works which have created modern new facilities and increased its capacity by an additional 105 pupils.

The internal expansion project converted a hall into two spacious bespoke classrooms and transformed an existing IT suite into a new third classroom. Two new library spaces and added IT ‘open’ areas have also been constructed and existing cloakrooms innovatively repurposed into intervention rooms and a Board Game Lending Library. These new facilities will ensure the school can accommodate new pupils alongside improving its existing offering. Further additional facilities include a brand-new kitchen, enlarged dining room and staffroom. External areas have also been improved, providing more car parking spaces and disabled access.

All of the works were completed during school term-time so constant communication with staff and students ensured they were kept updated about upcoming works. Our site team engaged in school activities throughout the project, including an assembly where the children met the site team, and sponsoring special Remembrance Day t-shirts presented to children who had designed Remembrance Day artwork.

The project was procured under the YORbuild Framework. We also worked with YORbuild to fund a zen garden in an unused area which we designed and revitalised with subcontractor S&D Landscapes, creating a relaxing space for staff and students to enjoy.

The staff, children and parents are delighted with the transformation of Iveson, we now have a beautiful school, truly fit for purpose with two fantastic libraries putting reading at the very heart of our school. The team worked very effectively with us, were highly professional and considerate of the needs of an operating school meaning there was no disruption to learning.

Hayley Marshall, Headteacher, Iveson Primary School