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Supporting Queens Road Academy Primary School

Queens Road Academy Primary School recently approached us via the Better Barnsley Bond and requested assistance with the purchase of materials for a project in the school grounds.

The school, which is just a couple of minutes’ walk away from the town centre, already had support from Engie Group and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to provide the manpower and design, but they needed funding to purchase the timber decking, fixings and ballast to build a ramp for disabled access. Henry Boot Construction was pleased to help and on 4 July the ramp was built. The allotment access will help the school encourage healthy eating and provide a cheap source of healthy food for the community.

Various local businesses have also provided their support, supplying railings, timber, signage and concrete, to create a new outside stage with play tunnel, built under the guidance of Kevin Precious from Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Engie. Stephen Phillips and Catherine Spooner from the Library site team came along, armed with shovels to help dig the trench for the tunnel. The new stage will be an important educational tool for teachers helping to improve speech and build confidence.

Thank you all for your support with the two projects at Queens Road Academy this week - these projects could not have been achieved without your support/contribution.

Kevin Precious, Contract Manager, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Not only have the projects solved some safety issues but they have enhanced the environment (this would not be possible without the resources from Henry Boot Construction, the quality fencing from MC Engineering and finishing touches from Totty Signs) and the children are going to love the new opportunities they bring.

Simon Kaufman, Head Teacher, Queens Road Academy