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Supporting local artwork in Tinsley

Trainee Joshua Heron alongside the artist Alex Chinneck
Trainee Joshua Heron alongside the artist Alex Chinneck

We have supported the installation of a new sculpture in Tinsley. The uniquely designed knotted Royal Mail post-box is one of three which has been installed across the UK.

Designed by British artist Alex Chinneck, the artwork resembles traditional red metal pillar post boxes which have been tied in knots and has been titled: ‘Alphabetti Spaghetti’. We were pleased to assist with the installation of the sculpture, by setting the foundations and securing the artwork in place.

The work continues Chinneck’s reputation for creating playful public artworks that transform the everyday into the extraordinary. In this new series of sculptures, which were all installed in one night, the artist turns these familiar functional items into works of art.

Chinneck is currently working in Tinsley preparing to create a major new public art trail of sculptural red brick chimneys, inspired by the city’s industrial heritage and called Onwards & Upwards. As principal contractor for this project, we will construct a chimney located on the Victorian pump house on the Sheffield and Tinsley Canal, by the entrance from Meadowhall South / Tinsley tram stop.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside the world-renowned artist Alex over the last few months on his latest public artwork project. As a Sheffield-based contractor, the team was delighted to assist in the installation of the knotted postbox in Tinsley, giving people the opportunity to see iconic art in their local area.

Ian Gresser, Operations Manager at Henry Boot Construction

I want as many people as possible to be able to see and hopefully enjoy my work. I’m excited to unveil this series in three places simultaneously which have a personal connection for me. We’re also looking forward to touring the knotted boxes to other locations across the UK.

Alex Chinneck, Artist

I am thrilled that Alex has chosen Tinsley as one of three locations for Alphabetti Spaghetti. As the thousands who saw his upside down car will testify, art can appear in the strangest places and conjure the strangest reactions. Tinsley may not be a place that people expect to see great art up close and personal – and that’s what makes this even more special. Tinsley has a rich industrial heritage and the people who live there are proud of their community.

Projects like this are a sign of things to come for this area as work continues on the Onwards & Upwards project. This exciting project, working hand in hand with an acclaimed artist, is still very much part of our plans and will see a stunning canal-side trail that promotes healthy living, heritage and cultural engagement.

Councillor Mary Lea, Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Leisure at Sheffield City Council