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Sponsoring a guide to journaling for the BiG Challenge

To continue our support of the local enterprise competition, the BiG Challenge, we have sponsored the creation of a journaling session.

The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition organised by Sheffield City Council

In its 15th year and organised by Sheffield City Council, The BiG Challenge is an enterprise competition open to all Y7-Y9 students in Sheffield, allowing them to start and grow their own business.

This year the challenge has been amended to focus on new skills. Previously, students had to write a report highlighting their journey, but now students can record their journey through the form of a reflective journal.

Former challenge contestant and Trainee Business & Marketing Assistant Bradley Longford is part of the advisory panel group who suggested creating a support resource to educate students about reflection and journaling. Careers Collective developed the resource in the form of a recorded presentation that will be accessed by all current and future students.

Henry Boot PLC agreed to fund the £600 development cost and sponsor this year’s Sustainability Award, which is set to take place on Wednesday 23 March. Bradley has also agreed to be part of the judging process.

We're so grateful to Henry Boot for organising, funding and delivering this resource. It's an invaluable addition to our BiG Challenge offer and will support hundreds of students completing their BiG Challenge Journals as part of their BiG Challenge and BiG Community Challenge journey.

Megan Cornick, Senior Project Officer, Sheffield City Council