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Recognising excellent work in health and safety

We recently held our annual Health and Safety Awards at our Dronfield Head Office with Managing Director Tony Shaw commending a project team for their outstanding work in this field, as well as the Construction Trainee of the Year.

The awards are designed to recognise and celebrate not only the people who win the awards, but also our wider team who all drive to achieve the highest standards in this field.

The project team from Withernsea Primary are presented with the Construction Health & Safety Award. Left to right: Andy Greaves, Tony Shaw, Dean Briggs and Tom Brady
Harry Rodgers (right) was also commended for his willingness to learn and great work on site

This year the Construction Health and Safety Award was presented to the team at Withernsea Primary School, which included Andy Greaves, Dean Briggs and Tom Brady.

Tony Shaw said: “The site team at Withernsea Primary School always went above and beyond to control the potential hazards on site. They were always respectful towards school staff and robust in their approach and interaction to ensure student and parents safety was at the forefront of project activities. The project was always presented impeccably and there was always a happy feel to the project, with no ambiguity in terms of the quality and health and safety standards expected.”

Trainee Technician Harry Rodgers – who works on our Cambridge Street Collective and Elshaw House projects in Sheffield – was awarded Construction Trainee of the Year.

Tony added: “Harry has shown interest, enthusiasm, and adaptability in his work. He is always out on site getting involved, showing a will to learn and develop. He has made himself a valuable member of the project and is always actively completing tasks, and where he is unsure, he is not afraid to ask questions and challenge the answers given, which is crucial in developing his career and expanding his knowledge.”