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Pacing across the Peaks

The Henry Boot team successfully completed Saturday’s 25km Peak District Challenge in just over six hours, raising hundreds of pounds for Paces Sheffield.

It was an early start for the team on a beautiful Saturday morning as they prepared for the day ahead. Starting out with a good pace, the team were keen to get a good time over the flatter first section of the course. As well as a test of endurance, the route also tested the team’s balance, mental toughness and rock-climbing ability, with some uneven climbs through the second half of the hike.

Some of the team – consisting of Karen, Melissa, Craig, Sarah, Tony and Bradley - had completed similar challenges in the past, to varying degrees of success. Bradley, who was completing the walk for the first time, said: “Having not done the challenge before or ever walked that far in my life, I did question how I’d get on! But, the team kept me talking, and it was surprising how quickly the time flew. I’d be lying if I said I felt fine the next morning, but it was all worth it.”

During a windy incline the team took a breather to appreciate the views
The team smashed their fundraising target, raising £729 for Paces

For Sarah, who had previously completed the challenge in more difficult conditions, said: “I daren’t say, but I enjoyed it! The dry and pleasant conditions made such a difference to my experience and has changed my view of trekking in the Peaks. No blisters obtained, so the flip flops weren’t even required this year!”

We are so incredibly proud of the team at Henry Boot for choosing to take on such a difficult challenge to support our charity in these uncertain times. This donation will be used towards building a brand new school and centre which will allow us to support up to three times as many families and will make a huge difference to so many people.

Julie Booth, Head of Fundraising, Paces Sheffield

The team smashed their fundraising target, raising £729 for Paces, who help transform the lives of children and families living with neurological conditions.