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Inspiring artwork installed at Heart of the City project in Sheffield

We recently worked with two students from Sheffield Hallam University, providing them with the opportunity to design a bespoke hoarding for our Cambridge Street Collective and Elshaw House project in the city centre.

After the stretch of hoarding between Carver Street and Backfields was earmarked early on for the artwork, Senior Project Manager Darren Green began discussions with Pam Bowman, Head of Area/Principal Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University on how best to approach the project. After a formal pitching process, we chose to work closely with BA Graphic Design students Rachel Fox and Eleanor Cundey.

The project was designed to further enhance our social value reach by giving local students a real-life tangible venture, with Rachel and Eleanor designing a piece of artwork called ‘The Heart of Sheffield Is You’, which puts our project delivery team at the centre of the piece.

The inspiring final product which has now been installed features construction images including cranes, scaffolding and workers with the names of our project team on a unit to provide a personal touch.

Darren Green, Senior Project Manager said: “As soon as we saw the free space on the hoarding, we knew it was a great opportunity to get local students involved. We wanted to give them a chance to be creative with their design, which is now on show in a prime central location. Eleanor and Rachel have done a fantastic job, and we are delighted with the final result.”

It feels surreal to see our artwork displayed in our hometown for the public to see. I'm grateful for Henry Boot for giving us the opportunity as it was a fun experience to work alongside them. The people of Sheffield and the Henry Boot workers were our inspiration because to us, they are the heart of Sheffield.

Rachel Fox, BA Graphic Design Student, Sheffield Hallam University

I feel privileged to have our artwork up in the heart of the city, it still doesn’t feel real! We’re both from Sheffield, so we jumped at the chance to bring historical research into the design and also celebrate the construction workers. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the Henry Boot team and the opportunity, which will stay with me forever.

Eleanor Cundey, BA Graphic Design Student, Sheffield Hallam University

Cambridge Street Collective will provide a 47,000 sq. ft dining experience with mixed use leisure and retail space within existing historic buildings with retained facades, whilst Elshaw House is a brand-new 78,000 sq. ft low-carbon office block spread out across eight floors, surrounding in glass and striking dark metal.