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In the Spotlight: completing work experience at Construction

My name is Gina Coe and I am currently studying for my A-levels at Meadowhead Secondary School. 

After speaking to my career advisor about my interest in applying for a degree studying Geography with Urban and Regional Planning, I was keen to complete work experience within a construction company. At Meadowhead School, I met with Adeana Raper for my mock interview and, following this, Adeana offered me a work placement at the Henry Boot Construction head office, working in a range of departments to build my experience and knowledge. These included Pre-Construction, Purchasing, Planning, Quantity Surveying and Business Development.

During my time here, I feel I have gained a unique experience from the highly skilled and experienced members of the Henry Boot Construction team. From learning about the work of the Pre-Construction team and the bidding process, to understanding the roles of Estimator, Senior Buyer and Quantity Surveyor, I have had the opportunity to gain vital knowledge about the different job roles within the company and how they work together. For me, one of the key highlights was spending time within the Planning department, where Andrew Rushton showed me a variety of software, along with key tips and knowledge that will prove invaluable throughout my university course.

The people that I have met throughout my placement at Henry Boot Construction have all been welcoming and supportive and I would like to thank them all for their time and support, and wish them all the best for the future. I would particularly like to thank Adeana for arranging the placement. Adeana’s knowledge and experience provided key insights into working in construction, as well as the challenges faced and the progress within it, including how to engage young female students and showcasing the industry as versatile and modern, dispelling traditional stereotypes and allowing a new generation of women to explore the industry.

I am now hoping to complete a summer work experience placement at Hallam Land Development, another part of the Henry Boot Group, to further develop my understanding of planning.