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In the Spotlight: An interview with Trainee Technician Stacey Clasper

We spoke to Stacey, a Trainee Technician on our Caenby Corner operational depot project in Lincolnshire about her role, the construction industry and what the project will bring to the local area.

What is your role in the Caenby Corner Operational Depot project?

My role within the project is Trainee Technician, this involves me shadowing the Site Manager and helping to oversee the day-to-day running of the site. I liaise with subcontractors on site by carrying out inductions, toolbox talks and ensuring safe working practices are being followed.

I am directly involved in the site’s implementation of the Considerate Constructors Scheme whilst also getting involved in other aspects of the project such as planning, quantity surveying, engineering and project management.

What is your biggest learning from your site experience so far?

Whilst shadowing the site engineer, we used the latest technology to set out the levels for various aspects of site. We used a Global Positioning System which enabled us to communicate with satellites to determine the correct line, level and location for the fence line within 20mm of the coordinates given on a set of drawings.

Stacey works as a Trainee Technician on our Caenby Corner operational depot project
Stacey works closely with Site Manager Nick Mobbs as part of her on-going training

What first got you interested in the construction industry?

When I left school, I would never have imagined working in construction, but I had an insight into the industry through previous roles I have held. This really made me want to get involved. I like the fact that no two days are the same and each project is different with its own set of challenges.

Do you have any tips for new trainees to the industry?

I would say to relish any opportunity you are given, try to take on board as much as possible and don’t expect to know everything straight away, it will come. Each project is different and comes with its own learning curve so teamwork both on and off site is paramount.

What would your message be to women who are considering a career in construction?

My message to women wanting to join our industry is just do it! I have to admit when I first started within the industry I was nervous, I wondered if I would be seen differently as a woman working on a construction site and whether people would feel like they have to watch what they say around you.

But in reality, I have a fabulous site team who have been so supportive and get me involved in all aspects of the project. They have helped me grow into my role, and the operatives on site are great, they respect what I say and take on board any suggestions, I’m treated the same as everybody else. The roles in construction are also so diverse that there is something for everybody.

What will the Caenby Corner Operational Depot bring to the local area?

The depot has been purposely designed to bring together waste services from 3 currently separate depots within the district. This hub will help to ensure that as new homes are built, the award-winning waste and recycling services in the local area continue.

What are your career aspirations after your apprenticeship?

I would like to develop my career within Henry Boot. They are a great company to work for and I would like to progress with them, eventually working my way up the ladder.