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In the Spotlight: An interview with Trainee Site Manager Fin Evans

We spoke to our Trainee Site Manager, Fin Evans, about his journey so far in the industry, his role with us and his hands-on site experience at Minsthorpe Community College.

When did you join Henry Boot Construction and what are you studying?

I’ve been here for around 18 months, and I am currently working towards a Level 4 qualification in Construction and the Built Environment at The Sheffield College. I have recently completed my first year, where I achieved a Distinction in all six of my assignments.

What has been the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

Definitely working on live construction projects. Since last summer, I have been a Trainee Site Manager on the Minsthorpe Community College project. This project is a major development at the college near Wakefield and involves building a new sports facility while also carrying out refurbishments to a number of other buildings.

I have been entrusted with a variety of important jobs including the delivery of site inductions for operatives, visitors and management who are visiting the site for the first time.

Fin speaks to our Engineer Sam Wood, who also came through as an apprentice
Latest progress on the new sports hall at Minsthorpe Community College

What does your day-to-day role look like?

Not only have I been involved on the administration side of this project, I have also been supervising the refurbishment of some of the classroom blocks, demolition of the old sports hall and setting of the foundations for the new one.

I have also conducted ‘toolbox talks’ for the operatives on site. These are informational or educational presentations on a single aspect of our health and safety management.

As a college student, it is great to be involved in a project that is going to have such a positive impact on the learning and wellbeing of other students.

I’ve already learned so much by working on such a detailed construction site, and I look forward to learning more throughout the remainder of my apprenticeship.

Beyond construction, what other experiences have you gained so far?

I’ve developed my networking and presenting skills a lot since starting my apprenticeship. I regularly attend internal and external networking events which I have found helpful.

As well as the networking events, I have spoken at several school career days over the past 18 months too. At these events I talk about my day-to-day role at Henry Boot Construction, what it is like working in the construction industry and I offer insight into how I got to where I am.

After your first 18 months, would you recommend a career in construction?

Absolutely. Construction offers endless opportunities to learn and develop, whilst also allowing you to work on really interesting projects. Over the last 18 months, working in the construction industry has offered up some unique learning curves which can be challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Through these challenges, I feel that I have been able to build my confidence in communication and teamwork, whilst also developing the skills to delegate tasks.

Fin has impressed with his keen attitude towards learning and taking on new challenges. He has actively pursued additional responsibilities and demonstrated himself to be a team player. His participation on workshops and networking events has been a real confidence builder and it has been great to witness his personal development.

Craig Finn, Director

Fin, alongside Harry Rodgers, Freya Carney and Charlie Hibberd, has been named as a finalist at the South Yorkshire Apprenticeship Awards.

Fin is up for the Higher Apprentice of the Year award, whilst Freya has been shortlisted for Degree Apprentice of the Year and Harry and Charlie are up for Construction Apprentice of the Year.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony on 23 May.