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In the Spotlight: An interview with Site Manager Nick Mobbs

We spoke to Nick, the Site Manager on our Caenby Corner operational depot project in Lincolnshire about overcoming challenges, mentoring trainees and his role in the project.

Nick works as the Site Manager on our purpose-built operational depot project at Caenby Corner, Lincolnshire.

How did you get into the construction industry?

From a young age I was interested in machinery and how things were made, and this developed into a fascination with how things were built.

I ended up working for a concreting company whilst studying at college and looked to my site manager as a good role model and wanted to pursue the management path within the industry.

What challenges have you overcome on the Caenby Corner project?

The project was originally due to start much earlier in 2020 when better weather was forecast. Given the delays prior to breaking ground, we eventually started in November with a long winter of ground works ahead.

We pushed to change the design against a large muck shift and stone trim to stabilising the existing ground. This has also ensured we save taking thousands of tonnes of arisings off site.

What is a typical day in a Site Manager role like?

Each site brings different challenges, so we have to be very flexible, and we also have to be fully involved in the day-to-day running and planning of the site.

This includes ensuring that everyone complies with the highest health & safety legislation whilst maintaining programme and working to the latest construction issue drawings. My role is continuously progressing to include more involvement with the design team and the client, for example during this project there have been a few unforeseen challenges to overcome regarding the design.

How is the Caenby Corner project different to other projects you have worked on before?

This is the first greenfield site I have ever worked on. We are literally taking a farmer’s field and transforming it into a facility the local area really needs.

How vital are trainees to the success of the construction industry?

Trainees are essential to every industry. There will always be the need to bring fresh eyes, ears and ideas into our ever-changing industry and having Stacey on site is a great opportunity to now pass on my knowledge to the next generation.

What do you love doing outside of work?

I love anything to do with sport and the outdoors. Whether it’s running, cycling, skiing or playing hockey I spend as much time outside as possible - even if it’s just getting out to walk the dog!