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Embracing Considerate Constructors 'Ultra Sites' to continuously raise standards

We have fully embraced the Considerate Constructors Scheme ‘Ultra Site’ programme and currently manage two of the three active Ultra Sites in Yorkshire, helping to drive up the standards of the construction industry.

Ultra Sites were officially introduced in early 2018 following a two-year pilot by the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), we launched our first Ultra Site in Barnsley (The Glass Works) in June 2019.

The programme aims to raise the considerate credentials of construction sites and their supply chains. It represents the highest level of commitment to the CCS Code of Considerate Practice. For example, Ultra Sites commit to double the level of monitoring from the CCS, which encourages a site to operate at the pinnacle of construction standards in key areas including health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability and consideration for the community.

As well as sites operating to high standards, subcontractors have been encouraged to register as ‘CCS Registered Organisations’ with the scheme. With a high percentage of uptake of local supply chain registrations, this ensures best practice is shared from top to bottom throughout the lifespan of the projects.

Frequent CCS site visits not only motivate the industry to maintain the highest standards, but they allow for a more agile, two-way conversation between a contractor and the CCS – with ideas and suggestions shared and subsequently implemented.

'Block H' in Sheffield has delivered outstanding social value outputs and hosted initiatives such as Lighthouse's 'Help Inside the Hard Hat Tour' and Drinkaware on-site exhibitions
The Cocoa Works in York - which is also registered as an Ultra Site - scored full marks (45) on its most recent monitor's report

Committed to raising standards across the industry, Henry Boot Construction currently manages two of three Ultra Sites in Yorkshire, which are also two of just over 20 currently operating across the UK and Ireland. These are The Cocoa Works in York and its Elshaw House/Cambridge Street Collective (Block H of Heart of the City) site in Sheffield.

The Cocoa Works is a landmark redevelopment of the iconic Rowntree Factory in York, located close to the city centre on Haxby Road. The Cocoa Works development is set to become 279 historically characterful, high-quality apartments – ranging from one to three-bed homes.

Elshaw House and Cambridge Street Collective are two key developments within Sheffield city centre’s £470m Heart of the City programme. Elshaw House is Sheffield’s first zero carbon-ready office building, while Cambridge Street Collective is delivering a new 20,000 sq ft food hall.

We believe the Ultra Site programme has given us the platform to showcase our dedication to sector standards beyond our operational area, putting us on the map as a beacon of best practice nationally.

Ian Gresser, Head of Operations said: "The introduction of the scheme has been a significant step-change for the construction industry. It holds construction companies and their supply chains to account and is assisting the industry in maintaining higher standards than ever before. We are determined to always push our company forwards and, working with the CCS to develop Ultra Sites, has allowed us to do that."

"The programme really aligns with our progressive values as a business, and we are proud to have two sites registered as Ultra Sites within Yorkshire."

"For major projects, these are the standards we need to be hitting on a more consistent basis over the next five to ten years. This is especially true on projects that are funded by the public sector, as the Ultra Site ambitions are directly in alignment with the UK’s sustainability, wellbeing, and social value agenda."

The Ultra Site programme is a great way to turbo-charge the adoption and spread of best practices across the industry. It’s a challenging commitment, designed to raise standards in construction, build trust in clients and the public, and ultimately help to improve the image of construction as a whole.

It’s fantastic to see Henry Boot Construction, one of our Partners, embracing this programme so wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.

Spokesperson, Considerate Constructors Scheme