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Craig Finn promoted to newly created Director position

We have recently promoted Craig Finn to the position of Director. In this newly created position he will be responsible for maintaining the business’ pipeline of sustainable projects and leading on its evolution.

Craig joined the business in 2015 and is now responsible for maintaining the pipeline of sustainable projects and leading on its evolution.

An engineering graduate of The University of Aberdeen, Craig has 27 years of construction experience across the private and public sectors. His impressive portfolio spans highways infrastructure and maintenance, civil engineering, building and refurbishment.

Craig joined the company in 2015 as Bid Manager, where he was responsible for creating new work-winning strategies through a high-performing pre-construction team across of a diverse range of projects.

During this time, Craig has become a leading voice and advocate for the government’s Construction Playbook and sustainability, not only on our projects, but across the whole construction sector.

His natural step up to Director level now allows him to go one step further – promoting modern partnerships and collaborations with procuring authorities to drive forward the implementation of new sustainable technologies.

With the sector experiencing huge amounts of change – born out of ever-evolving technologies, net-zero-carbon ambitions, Brexit, and of course, Covid-19, Craig is encouraging customers to take a more efficient and joined-up approach to working, by bringing development teams, architects, supply chain and construction contractors together at the very early stages of a project lifecycle.

“At Henry Boot Construction, we’ve always been able to adapt to market conditions. We take well-informed decisions and because we are not a behemoth, we can remain flexible and nimble. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been successful for 136 years,” explains Craig.

“Over the last five years the delivery model has adapted. It’s happened naturally as new technologies evolve but it’s becoming more and more evident that our customers need us to be involved from very early in the project timeline. Significant social value and net-zero-carbon ambitions can’t simply be bolted on, or retro-fitted, to a development project.

So, a large part of my new role will be to demystify some of the key sector challenges and demonstrate that true collaboration can be both effective and transformational.”

I am pleased to welcome Craig to the board of Directors. He has made a significant impact in his time with us so far and in this new position he will be able to help drive the business forward. Craig supports and truly understands the industry’s agenda to modernise and create a sustainable future, and we are extremely confident he will position us and our customers at the forefront of this new era.

Tony Shaw, Managing Director