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Celebrating 150 educational site visits

Adeana Raper at one of the career events
Adeana Raper at one of the career events

We have recently celebrated 150 educational workshops held as part of The Glass Works Phase 1 scheme.

These figures were achieved over an 18-month period against a KPI target of 20. The visits included careers talks and fayres, activities in the Skills Village, site tours and presentations and industry talks. There are still 18 months of the construction programme left and we are aiming to interact with every primary and secondary school in Barnsley before the works are complete.

Employment & Skills Advisor Adeana Raper and Customer Care Manager Catherine Spooner have played a key role in this success.

To achieve 150 visits over an 18-month period is amazing. However, it is not just about quantity but quality. Nearly all our site visits include a presentation, site tour and a construction activity undertaken in the Skills Village. This involves a considerable amount of time but we believe provides the best platform for encouraging young people into construction. We hope this will form part of our employment and skills legacy in Barnsley.

Adeana Raper, Employment & Skills Manager, Henry Boot Construction