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Value for Stakeholders

Build end to end value into our client schemes

Our understanding of how to integrate quality and sustainability is applied at each stage of a client project so that benefits are maximised and costs minimised. In this way we aim to build in 'end to end' added value. This includes:

  • Using BIM to the highest standards of application to produce excellence in planning and delivery of projects.
  • A comprehensive Quality Management Plan for each project, aiming for a ‘quality-plus’ outcome and zero defects, with a nominated Quality Champion to monitor results and give support and guidance throughout.
  • Consultation and liaison with the client from start to finish to understand their needs and any special opportunities to add value to a project.
  • High levels of aftercare, such as sustainable occupancy guidance to optimise user comfort and utility, while reducing environmental and cost impacts.
  • Post–occupancy environmental assessments for BREEAM and other sustainability rated projects.

We know that customer satisfaction is vital for repeat business and growth, and that maintaining quality while delivering value plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining strong relationships with our clients.

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