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Value for Stakeholders

Running our business to generate and protect value for our clients, our shareholders, our staff, our suppliers and the communities where we work

We use the sustainability ethos to drive value creation and efficiency so that everyone we work with can share the benefits. We take time to understand the interests of our stakeholders, through consultation and feedback, allowing us to create a response to their needs which we believe will bring lasting value.

For example, we know that our clients want the highest quality and usability from the projects we complete for them, but need us to be efficient so we can keep costs to a minimum. We not only work cost-effectively while keeping standards high in delivery, using the latest techniques such as BIM, we also guide clients on sustainable design and technology to reduce running costs and enhance the user experience of the scheme after handover.

Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand with sustainability and this helps to produce a better result for our investors, and enhances our ability to keep investing in our own people as our most important asset.

We believe in putting as much back into local communities as we can, planning carefully to achieve optimum results, and take care to look after our trusted suppliers as important contributors to our continued business success.

Our Sustainability Commitments for Value for Stakeholders:

  • Commit to business excellence and efficiency to create value and profit for our clients, shareholders, staff and others

  • Understand and look after the interests of our key stakeholders

  • Build end to end value into our client schemes More on this

  • Ensure continual investment in our people as our key asset See Our People

  • Fulfil our responsibility to ensure money and value from our projects goes into the local community and economy See Sustainable Communities