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Governance & Ethics

Deliver a procurement process that seeks to do the right thing by people and the planet

As a major contractor purchasing is a significant part of what we do – buying goods and services not only for our own use, but also on behalf of our clients to use in the delivery of their projects. Nowadays, there is an expectation for goods and services to be sourced ethically and with environmental considerations in mind. We take pride in the following:

  • Having a sustainable procurement charter that guides our approach and those of our suppliers.
  • Extensive knowledge of suppliers, products and services which offer least impact on the environment, and where sustainable livelihoods and worker welfare have been respected in the supply chain.
  • Guidance for clients during the project planning process to advise them on more sustainable specifications.
  • Seeking to buy products and source labour and services as locally as possible to ourselves and our project sites to boost local economies and reduce delivery distances.
  • Continue to build long term relationships based on trust and mutual respect with sub–contractors and other suppliers.
  • Continue our practice of prompt payment of suppliers.

We have chosen to link our headline Sustainability Indicator for Governance & Ethics to this commitment:

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