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Communication & Leadership

Promote sustainable building design and construction to our clients, our sub-contractors and others in the industry

We use our experience and knowledge to provide clients with guidance to achieve more sustainable project outcomes and promote good practice to others working on our sites and in the wider industry. This includes:

  • Working with clients from the early stage of a project to help create value and savings by integrating sustainability measures such as waste saving design, sustainable systems and the opportunity to include renewable energy options.
  • Providing guidance and tools for clients to optimise their credits for BREEAM, and other sustainability related ratings.
  • Training our sub–contractors in the use of new technologies and more sustainable methods of working.
  • Providing case studies on the way we have integrated sustainability into our site practices to industry bodies to help them promote the benefits of sustainable construction.
  • Demonstrating innovation in the way that techniques and good practice can be applied.

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