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Communication & Leadership

Demonstrating and sharing our good practice and expertise

Good communication and leadership are essential ingredients in the delivery of our Sustainable Business Strategy and the hallmark of a company committed to promoting good practice and sustainability both within itself and within its industry.

Looking inside our business, we make sure internal communications excel, that our people understand the direction and ambition of the company, and what is expected of them. We also believe strongly in sharing success and thanking our staff and others for their valuable contribution.

Every member of staff is inducted in the ethos and good practice of our company, and this is extended to sub–contractors who join us on our client projects.

Looking out from our business, taking part in schemes which assess and benchmark sustainability factors in our operations helps to keep us focused on good performance and push ourselves to do even better. They represent a form of corporate reporting, an area where we are increasing our performance. We also aim to share our sustainability expertise with clients, sub–contractors and others to help the projects we deliver have more sustainable outcomes, and to increase capacity in the people we work with. See below for more information on how we meet our commitments.

Our Sustainability Commitments for Communication and Leadership:

  • Continue to benchmark and report on our sustainability performance

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  • Make sure our internal communications are first class

  • Ensure all our staff and sub-contractors are inducted in the values and good practice of our company

  • Enter and promote Considerate Constructors, RoSPA and other industry good practice schemes

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  • Promote sustainable building design and construction to our clients, our sub-contractors and others in the industry

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