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Sustainable Communities

Work in partnership to create and keep value in our local communities

Working in partnership to create and keep value in our local communities

We support the localism objectives of our clients by making sure that as many opportunities as possible are made available to local people and businesses in the areas where we work. We ensure there are good channels of communication to support this. Three important features in our Community Engagement Plans help to deliver our commitments:

  • Employment and Skills Plans to bring local people into training, apprenticeships and the site workforce.
  • Local Procurement Plans to make sure local traders have full access to supply products and services to our business.
  • Sharing our good practices with local suppliers to enable us to take on new, local sub–contractors and suppliers while ensuring they meet our company ethos and quality standards.

In addition, through the many connections we make in the local community, our project teams create opportunities where they can make a difference and fulfill a local need. Very often our sub-contractors and suppliers kindly join forces with us to donate time and materials to make something happen and solve a local issue.

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