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Sustainable Communities

Making sure our projects cause minimal disruption and put lasting value into the local community

It is of paramount impoprtance that we keep the communities close to our sites safe while we complete our work, and we practice good-neighbourliness by keeping noise and other disruptions to a minimum.

Many of our projects offer opportunities to bring new value into a local area and we work hard to ensure lasting benefits are maximised, from delivering high quality, durable facilities, to providing new jobs and training places, to boosting the local economy through our buy–local policies.

All the above activity, and more, is brought together in the Community Engagement Plan that we prepare for each local scheme. This identifies how we will manage opportunities, risks and communications to optimum effect.

In addition, we are proud of our wider community and charity initiatives arising from the enthusiasm of our staff and partners to get involved in local projects and good causes – see our News section for the latest stories.

Our Commitments for Sustainable Communities:

  • Work in partnership to create and keep value in our local communities

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  • Engage with local communities for health and safety, good neighbour relations and to understand their needs

  • Invest in community partnerships and projects to help local sustainability

  • Share our good practice with other businesses, communities and local organisations