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Our People

Providing a place of work that is fair, rewarding and helps people achieve their best

Our Company thrives on a strong culture of teamwork and excellence, with pride in the work that we do throughout the business. We recognise that investment in our people and their careers with us is important for us to flourish and to continue to attract the best possible team. To support our aims we continue to develop first rate HR services and initiatives.

Highlights of the way we support our people and our team culture include:

  • Personal Development Plans for all team members to map out their career fulfilment and for the company to ensure effective succession planning.
  • Fast track programme for rising stars.
  • Training plans for those still in the early stages of their careers, or those who opt for a career change.
  • Staff consultation, satisfaction surveys and ideas mechanisms, alongside excellent internal communications.

Our Sustainability Commitments for Our People:

  • Provide an excellent place to pursue a rewarding career

  • Support and encourage our staff to achieve their aspirations and potential

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  • Measure the engagement and commitment of our staff and work to achieve the highest satisfaction rates

  • Promote a fair and diverse working community and eliminate all forms of discrimination

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