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Waste & Pollution

Promote reduction of waste, re-use of materials and recycling across our business

As part of our commitment to work towards sending zero waste to landfill, we actively encourage and support everyone working in our business to find effective ways to reduce waste. We do this by focussing on the waste hierarchy and helping everyone to play their part, through simple actions or by using the latest technology. This includes:

  • Raising awareness and providing training for sustainable waste management at all sites and offices.
  • Facilities to allow waste segregation for re–use and recycling.
  • A clear assessment of the reduction, re–use and recycling hierarchy for each construction project.
  • Adoption of alternative waste treatments, such as bio–remediaton techniques.
  • Mechanisms for staff and operatives to put forward ideas on how to be more efficient with materials.
  • Analysis and feedback on our savings and good practices to help improve performance in the future and reward our people for their efforts.

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