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Waste & Pollution

We are committed to ensuring there are no pollution incidents on our sites, and continually strive to reduce waste and reuse materials where possible

As a responsible constructor, ensuring that we protect the local environment from any pollution incidents is vital. We operate at all times with a robust set of policies, procedures and training activities to prevent incidents and keep up to date with good practice.

Reducing waste from construction sites has been a priority across the industry.  Henry Boot Construction are committed to reducing waste to landfill by increasing the reuse and recycling of materials through design and best practice. To support this, we signed up to the Waste Resource and Action Programme’s (WRAP) ‘Halving Waste to Landfill Commitment’ and have since signed up to the replacement WRAP initiative the 'Built Environment Commitment', which is an initiative to deliver a resource efficient,
low carbon built environment which support the Governments ‘Construction 2025 Strategy’.

We are now diverting in excess of 95% of non-hazardous waste from landfill and have initiatives in place to further improve on this, through innovative site waste management planning and efficiency measures. Saving waste not only helps us meet our environmental commitments, but saves money for our clients and improves our own financial performance. All of which we consider important drivers for continuous improvement.

Our Sustainability Commitments for Waste & Pollution:

  • Ensure zero pollution incidents on our sites

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  • Work towards near zero waste to landfill from our sites and offices

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  • Promote reduction, re–use and recycling across all our business units

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  • Give salvaged materials a second life through community partnerships

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