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Natural Resources

Using sustainable materials, minimising our use of resources and protecting biodiversity

The specification and procurement of sustainable materials is one of the important contributions we can make to increasing the overall sustainability of our clients’ projects.

Using our skills and knowledge we can guide clients to better specifications for materials, finishes and fittings, and ensure they are procured with ethics and environmental considerations in mind, alongside efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Wherever possible we will seek to use recycled and re–used materials, especially bulk products such as aggregates. We will also look ahead in specifications to ensure that when a project is de-commissioned the component parts can be re–used or recycled. Our expert knowledge of what is available and possible is the key to supporting client projects in this way.

Habitat protection and enhancement are also high on our agenda – with many successful initiatives to our credit – see more below.

Our Sustainability Commitments for Natural Resources:

  • Use only sustainable materials in our projects

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  • Practice sustainable procurement throughout our operations

  • Minimise the use of raw materials in our schemes

  • Maximise choice of re-usable and recyclable materials for project end-of-life decommissioning

  • Play our part in protecting and enhancing biodiversity and the natural environment

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