2017 - September 2017

Henry Boot Construction helps Children’s Karate Centre, Barnsley – 15/09/17

Henry Boot Construction helps Children's Karate Centre, BarnsleyHenry Boot Construction helps Children's Karate Centre

Henry Boot Construction was recently contacted by a member of the Barnsley Karate Centre on Regent Street South, Barnsley to ask if they could fit a new toilet and sink in the Centre because the existing facilities were out dated. Henry Boot was only too happy to help.

In 1972, Ged Tumman went along with his 8 year old son John to watch a local Karate Club in Barnsley.  The club was run by Sensei Edgar Auckland, the style was Wado Ryu.  After watching the session they decided to join up and give it a go!

Some 40 years later Ged and John are still training and run the Shindo Kai Karate Association with 25 clubs and around 1,000 members.

“Can I thank Henry Boot and their team for installing brand new facilities at the Barnsley Karate Centre. The club is on Regent Street South in the middle of the town centre and coach kids’ karate.  We have needed a new toilet for some time now and Henry Boot’s team came to our rescue.  Thank you everyone involved for the wonderful gesture”.

John Tumman – Coach at the Karate Centre Barnsley

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