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Works completed on the fountain at Piccadilly Gardens Manchester 01/02/17

Piccadilly Garden FountainPiccadilly Garden FountainNWCH

Henry Boot Construction have completed works on the fountain at Piccadilly Gardens, celebrating with a switch on ceremony.

The works began in September 2016 to bring new life to the fountain, having not been in operation since May 2014 following problems with the underground mechanisms.

Henry Boot Construction were appointed as principal contractor through the North West Construction Hub (NWCH) to remove two large water tanks from underground, and replace them with a 70,000 litre concrete tank.

The 180 jets are now able to throw water six metres into the air and can be colour co-ordinated using LED lighting. The water can be turned any hue and is programmable for special events.

Repairs to the fountains in Piccadilly Gardens came after the council announced the Piccadilly Wall would be torn down in a £10 million scheme to reinvent the area.

The fountains and gardens will be opened to the public in late spring following works to reinstate the grassed areas.

Cllr Pat Karney, Manchester City Council's city centre spokesperson, said: "It would be easy to underestimate the massive scale of the repair project. We've had to dig more than 10 metres below the surface to remove the huge machinery hidden under the Gardens.

"It's hugely exciting to see the fountain flow again, and it will be completely reopen in time for the spring and summer months."

"Working with Manchester City Council on a project of this scale has been a fantastic opportunity for Henry Boot Construction and has ultimately brought new life to the fountains. The fountains at Piccadilly Gardens is a project we are very proud of."

Paul Day, Operations Manager at Henry Boot Construction

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