2016 - September 2016

Delivering the Better Barnsley scheme to BIM Level 2 – 22/09/16

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In partnership with Barnsley Council, NPS, IBI architects and Mott Mcdonald, Henry Boot Construction will be delivering the Better Barnsley scheme to BIM maturity Level 2.

BIM Level 2 involves:

  • Creating and implementing a BIM execution plan (BEP) which sets out how and when the project information will be delivered.
  • Using a Common Data Environment (CDE) to share project information between all parties and the supply chain.
  • Structuring and naming all information on the project to a specific set of rules, to ensure the client can use the information effectively when running and maintaining the buildings.
  • Modelling the project in 3D and carrying out clash detection during the design stages.

This also gives Henry Boot Construction the opportunity to fully utilise automated take off software Costx, and to plan out the works in 4D, where the programme is linked to the 3D models using Asta Power Project.

Project Director Ryan O’Loughlin said: “Barnsley Council Facilities Management (FM) team are an integral part of the BIM level 2 process. Their requirements can be integrated in the design brief and the ease that we can undertake whole life cost appraisals through BIM will allow the asset to be managed in the most cost effective way.”

For more information contact:

Karen Fisher
Business Development Manager