2016 - October 2016

Henry Boot Construction team continue volunteering for Barnsley Colliery project – 12/10/16

Henry Boot ConstructionCatherine Spooner and Ryan O'Loughlin attend volunteer work day

Members of the Henry Boot team working on phase 1 of the Better Barnsley scheme have once again volunteered their time towards assisting with the Barnsley Main Colliery clean-up project on Friday 16 September 2016.

Ryan O’Loughlin and Catherine Spooner were delighted to be able to assist further with the operation to tidy up the Barnsley Main site, to allow the historic area to be used by the public.

Previously, Catherine Spooner took part in a volunteer day on 5 August, and the latest session continued in a similar way with the team continuing to work towards clearing the overgrowth and litter from the area.

Ryan O’Loughlin said: "The colliery is an iconic site in Barnsley and it is great to be part of the team hoping to restore it. Despite the torrential rain there was a real community spirit and we will be volunteering for the next clean-up day.”


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