2016 - October 2016

Barnsley beach on tour – 28/09/2016

Better BarnsleyBarnsley Beach moves to Locke ParkBarnsley Beach moves to Locke Park

The sand from the 2016 Barnsley by the Sea beach has been moved by Henry Boot Construction to its new home at Locke Park. The Friends of Locke Park were very happy to receive the sand which will be used in their sand pit where children play.

Mrs Cherry from the Friends of Locke Park said: “The sand was very welcome, as our sandpit was nearly empty. All Friends of Locke Park wish to say thank you to Henry Boot Construction for delivering the sand free of charge. Yesterday eight of us managed to shovel ten tonnes of the sand into the sandpit in the play area which the children use all year round.”

Henry Boot Construction initially provided the sand for the Barnsley by the Sea event, which was held from 20 July to 3 September and proved to be a great success with both adults and children in the local community.

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Business Development Manager