2016 - December 2016

Strategic Business Manager Dave Woodhouse named Chief Elephant Handler by The Children’s Hospital Charity 22/12/16

'Dave' the elephantDave Woodhouse with 'Dave'

Henry Boot Construction and Banner Plant teamed up with The Children’s Hospital Charity this summer to deliver a herd of fibre glass elephants to the city of Sheffield.

The trail saw 58 elephants individually designed by artists from all over the UK and displayed across Sheffield in the biggest public art event the city has ever seen.

Henry Boot Construction and Banner Plant came together for the huge challenge of transporting all the elephants from their secret warehouse location to the streets. After the trail had ended, Banner Plant also moved the elephants to the Crucible Theatre where the elephants were auctioned off, raising an incredible £410,600 for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Dave Woodhouse was recently invited to a special ceremony by The Children’s Hospital Charity team, where he was presented with Henry Boot Construction’s very own elephant.

The elephant, lovingly named ‘Dave’ is a magnificent gesture of appreciation of all the hard work and effort put in by Dave, and the Henry Boot Construction and Banner Plant teams. Created by artist Deven Bhurke, ‘Dave’ is an almost identical replica of the original ‘Henry the Constructor’ sponsored by Henry Boot Construction throughout the trail.

“The Henry Boot Construction team quite literally brought a herd of 58 fibreglass elephants to the streets of Sheffield. Moving every elephant and their plinths on numerous occasions was no small task and they managed all the logistics including the auction. Dave, named after Chief Elephant Handler Dave Woodhouse, is a small token of thanks and represents all the members of the Henry Boot Construction and Banner Plant team who made it all happen. We are forever grateful, thank you!”

Rebecca Staden, Fundraising Manager at The Children's Hospital Charity

“This was a very different project for a construction business, but every member of the team put in an immense effort to ensure the elephants were all delivered to the right place at the right time. The true reward goes to The Children’s Hospital Charity who raised over £400,000 at auction alone and will benefit children for years to come.”

Dave Woodhouse, Strategic Business Manager, Henry Boot Construction

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