2015 - July 2015

Extracurricular activities at Fox Valley development Stocksbridge – 17/07/15


There’s been lots of extracurricular activity happening in Stocksbridge recently with Ivor Goodsite the Considerate Constructor Scheme mascot visiting two schools in the area, Stocksbridge Junior School and Stocksbridge Infant and Nursery School, with further career talks scheduled for Stocksbridge High School later this year.

We’ve also donated raffle prizes and volunteered our time to help a number of Summer Fairs and Summer Gala’s at Stocksbridge Junior School and St Ann’s Catholic Primary School.

The Fox Valley Scheme is a £42m redevelopment of the former Outokumpu site in Stocksbridge town centre for Dransfield Properties. The 28 acre site will deliver:

  • 32 new high quality retail units ranging from 635 to 16,000sq ft
  • Café and restaurant units
  • Office space ranging from 600 to 10,000 sq ft
  • New town centre car park for approximately 600 spaces
  • Comprehensive landscaping, water feature and new pedestrian links
  • A new housing development neighbouring the main retail scheme.

“Building sites are all around us, although they may look exciting and fun to play in, they can be very dangerous places especially for children. I regularly visit schools like Stocksbridge Junior School to teach children about the dangers that can be found on building sites and how to stay safe by staying away.”

Ivor Goodsite, Considerate Constructors Mascot

For more information contact:
Steve Allen
Business Development Manager