2014 - October 2014

Henry Boot Construction complete new research and teaching facilities at the University of Lincoln – 24/10/14

Lincoln Uni Labs

Henry Boot Construction’s Eastern division has recently completed the redevelopment of two existing buildings for the University of Lincoln.  Joseph Banks Laboratories and Minster House will house the Schools of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Pharmacy, complementing the existing Science Building. 

Joseph Banks, originally Becor House, was renamed by the university to honour the botanist Sir Joseph Banks (1743 – 1820), President of the Royal Society and High Sherriff of Lincolnshire

The new facility includes over 6,000 square metres of new teaching, learning and research space, bringing together previous separate groups of researchers enabling a whole new generation of scientists to join the research community.

The buildings’ simple, linear form facilitates navigation and excellent access to natural light throughout. A learning corridor runs through the building on all three axes connecting the entrance with the teaching spaces, laboratories, offices and the new social learning spaces on each level.

The new facilities will house research activity on every scale, from molecular to ecological.  Dedicated new research spaces will enable significant expansion in both schools research programmes.  The Joseph Banks Laboratories will include research facilities for molecular biology, microbiology, tissue biology, bioacoustics and ancient DNA analysis, chemistry and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and medicinal pharmacy.  Minster House will accommodate animal cognition behaviour and welfare research.

The design integrates research, teaching and social space into a single, connected learning landscape.  Undergraduates, postgraduates and staff will share formal and informal space distributed throughout the facilities. 

Sited to the southwest of the campus, the new facilities face onto a large green quadrangle with mature trees, new footpaths and seating and cycle stores will enhance this already pleasant space.

Work was completed on schedule on 8 August 2014.

We were very impressed with the work of Henry Boot, both in the quality of craftsmanship and the professionalism of their approach. The creation of the Joseph Banks Laboratories was a large and complex project to adapt an existing industrial building. The build was completed on time and within budget and to the high standards our staff and students expect. We are delighted with the outcome, which is a major new asset for the university.

Peter Harrison, Head of Projects, University of Lincoln

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