2014 - March 2014

36 hour continuous concrete pour at Bifrangi – 13/03/14

Concrete Pour

The Bifrangi project in Lincoln has just reached another significant milestone in its development.

On Sunday 23February 2014, work commenced on a 36 hour continuous concrete pour to complete the press block foundation which will house the huge Schuler screw press. 

The 1200m3 pour was the culmination of many months of planning, detailed technical design and careful organisation and with thoughtful supervision it went entirely as planned.

The core of the block is expected to reach temperatures in excess of 60 degrees and this will be rigorously monitored and controlled in accordance with a pre-agreed regime as it is allowed to cure over a lengthy period of time.

The project is expected to be completed by early summer with the screw press in place and operational for the end of the year.

“This was the most technically demanding part of the project and is considered to be one of the largest continuous concrete pours to take place in the UK in 2014”

Tony Shaw, Director, Henry Boot Construction Limited

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