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Henry Boot Construction Supports Sheffields’ Homeless – 19/12/14

Cathedral Archer Project
Archer Project

Staff from Henry Boot Construction Limited have volunteered to provide a Christmas dinner for homeless people from across the city at Sheffield’s Cathedral Archer Project.

Henry Boot Construction and subcontractors, including Arnold Laver, BBS Ltd, HE Barnes, Linden Signs, Eagleport and Protec International also donated £1,000 to the charity to purchase food and other items to support those visiting the Project over the festive period.

“This is the second time we’ve worked with the Cathedral Archer Project this year.
In the run up to Christmas we wanted to do something more than just donating money, and helping out with the Christmas dinner was the perfect opportunity to spend time with some of the people the charity helps and give them a day to remember.
It was a very humbling experience for all of the team who take food, warmth and shelter for granted. At the same time, everyone had a fantastic time helping out – there was a real party atmosphere, we met some great people and it is definitely something we’ll do again next year.”

Karen Fisher, Customer Relations Manager at Henry Boot Construction

“It really makes a huge difference when people make the effort to support the homeless people that use the Project. They feel valued and thought of, particularly at this time of year and for busy people to take time out to raise money, decorate a room and then serve them Christmas dinner is wonderful. We are really grateful to everyone that made this possible.”

Tracy Viner, Marketing and Development Manager at the Cathedral Archer Project

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