2014 - August 2014

Meadowhead School becomes a ‘School of Dreams’ – 14/08/14

School Of Dreams

Adeana Raper, Training Advisor for Henry Boot, recently visited Meadowhead School in Sheffield to take part in Honda’s ‘School of Dreams’ programme.

The programme provided a free one day ‘thinking skills’ workshop for 11-13 year old pupils. The workshop was sponsored by Gilder Honda and supported by local businesses who also participated in the workshop along with students and teachers.

The School of Dreams programme helps young people to understand the importance of pursing their dreams by teaching skills and strategies to help turn their dreams into reality.

“The workshop was challenging but great fun. We worked at the same level as the pupils in small groups, finding out how to turn their dreams into reality by learning from real-life examples of people who have achieved their dreams, as well as developing new skills, such as juggling!”

Adeana Raper, Training Advisor, Henry Boot Plc

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