2011 - May 2011

Strengthening links with Europe – 09/05/11

	Chris Connor

	Ryan Spencer


Two more HBC trainee managers have completed a Passive House training scheme in Belgium, as part of an education programme that helps to improve knowledge of sustainable construction practices.

Christopher Connor and Ryan Spencer spent two weeks learning about sustainable construction, initially creating a small-scale version of the Passive House in the workshop, then backing up their training on site.

The scheme is run jointly by Business & Education South Yorkshire and Les Compagnons de Devoir, and brings together ten major eco-building suppliers to promote knowledge of environmentally sustainable housing construction throughout Europe.

“Learning about the importance of air-tightness in buildings will help me on future schemes and was particularly interesting after my recent work on the Shirecliffe new homes scheme.
“It was interesting to work in another country and see the differences on site – I think there is a lot to learn from my experience.”

Ryan Spencer, Trainee Manager, Eastern Division

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