2011 - June 2011

HBC sponsors roundabout in Doncaster – 02/06/11

Doncaster Roundabout

Henry Boot Construction has sponsored a roundabout in Doncaster, in recognition of their strong partnership with St Leger Homes.

The roundabout is near the St Leger Homes of Doncaster offices at Heaven’s Walk, and features logos from the partnering contractors involved in delivering the ALMO’s multi-million pound Decent Homes improvement scheme.

HBC have been partnering with Doncaster for the last four years, delivering over £55m of investment works in the town, with many more schemes in the pipeline.

In addition to providing local employment opportunities, the company provided funding, materials and expertise to a number of charitable groups and organisations in the area as part of their commitment to leaving a lasting legacy for the communities in which they work.

"Through our work with St Leger Homes of Doncaster, we are delivering targeted regeneration and improving the lives of Doncaster residents - sponsoring the roundabout allows us to celebrate the strong relationships that help us to achieve the highest standards of customer care and service delivery."

Tony Shaw, Eastern Regional Manager, Henry Boot Construction


For more information contact:

Steve Allen
Business Development Manager